Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Virtual Decay

Another dark and dangerous sim..seems i like my sims same as i like my men :p this one, Virual Decay is great because it is home to the store of the same name where you can buy a lot of the items including the buildings. Very cool place for photographs


 The about land of Caprica describes it as "A place to rest in the peaceful harmony of natural beauty" and it certainly is that. A combination of medievil style harbour town, rugged coastline and forest countryside, theres a lot to explore and enjoy here

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Time For Reflection

 I could have taken photographs here at The Haven all day...and almost did! A place for reflecting and tranquility with lots of beautiful spots to relax including couples poses. It has a peaceful feel to it and in some spots almost fairy like without being tacky. Definately worth a visit.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Summertime in Paris

The costumed figures dotted around 1900 Paris are almost ghost like, making it feel like you really stepped back in time. The sim itself has all the Parisien landmarks you would expect plus some nice details to make it authentic.


I am definately in holiday mood. Its a shame my rl boss and bank manager dont agree with me :p But at least i the weather is hot here and i have SL for my make believe holiday snaps :)) Seto is actually a protected land sim but even though theres not a lot going on there it is still very pretty and nice for a wander around.


I love roaming round dark urban sims like LEA18. They are perfect for shadowy atmospheric photographs. Most of them however seem to be for roleplay, but this one has been created to use for machinima projects. Like a big sim movie set. Take a look at the title sequence for a movie created here

Vive Las Vegas!


This is an adult sim with everything you would expect from Las Vegas including a pool club with cabanas, bowling alley, casino and wedding venue. I especially liked the pool area but its all been created really well. Felt like i should have worn my showgirl costume complete with feather headress for the visit!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Las Islas

The series of sims which make up Las Islas have been around a long time in sl but still one of my most favourite and most beautiful places to visit. From a pretty harbour with pastel coloured buildings to the stunning beaches and coves, this is a perfect place to relax, you can almost feel the sunshine :)

Garden of Eden

Follow the walkways through the trees, past the warterfall and campfire to reach an art gallery. Garden of Eden is worth a visit if only to see what amazing things can be done with a relatively small plot. The tropical jungle feel is great for photography!