Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Making Memories


This is going to be my final blog post. I have lost interest lately and dont have as much time to spend exploring. There are lots of great sl travel blogs out there for everyone to enjoy and i will still post pics when i visit new sims here on my flikr.
So for my last post i would like to introduce you to my newly renovated and expanded land now named Making Memories. I made this place with friends, romance and photography in mind and i hope you enjoy. As before my house is mostly open to the public but theres also now a little hamlet on a hill, a church a beach, lots of wild countryside and woodland as well as the the original cafe and pond area. There are lots of opportunities for photo poses, landscape and wildlife shots, cuddle spots and intan couples dances and places for groups of friends to hangout. It isnt quite finished yet, im sure i will be constantly tweaking it but everyone is welcome to visit. And if you see me there be sure to say hi.
Thankyou all who have visited and, i hope, enjoyed this blog,

Love Claudia xxxx

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

It All Starts With A Smile Again

I dont often reblog sims, usually only if they have had a makeover and that is why i returned to It All Starts With A Smile sim which i first blogged in August of last year. The sim was recently reopened at the beginning of this month after a radical transformation. Although the layout and features are different, something that remains the same is the beauty and individuality of the place. a little pastel coloured town centre tops a mountain which is surrounded byy vivid countryside and lakes with pretty features such as a playground, numerous relaxation spots and a coffee shop.This has long been a favourite place of mine and i am happy to say that has not changed.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Springtime @ The Millhouse Cafe & Parkland

Just a couple of shots i took at The Millhouse Cafe & Parkland now that spring is well and truly on its way back to us. Waking up to sunshine for a change puts me in such a good mood!!


I was out shopping looking for a maypole (doesnt everyone do that??) when i discovered Kismet. 4 sims of stunning old English architecture with manor houses, cottages and churches all nestled between woodland and linked by pretty bridges over the river. The textures used on these fantastic builds make it very authentic and you feel like you visited one of the old medievil villages we have in England. The best part is most of it is for sale because Kismet is a giant showroom for the work of the very talented Cierra Anatine.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Lefevre Mansion

The Lefevre Mansion and its neighbouring parkland opened to the public last week. It is a stunning example of what can be created in Second Life. The centrepiece is of course the vast mansion house which includes a beautiful ballroom, library and many other rooms all designed with intricate attention to detail and using realistic textures. Surrounding the house and leading into the next sim are the parklands which are lovely to wander around. Theres is also a church which can be hired for weddings, a shopping area where designers of mens clothing are gathered and an art gallery.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

End of Time

This is a huge post because End of Time is a huge region with so much to explore. I have concentrated mainly on The Pines at Jacob Pond for my photographs but the entire region is worthy of exploring. The wonderful use of nature and wildlife combine to make this a perfect, peaceful setting to wander around and take photographs. There are a couple of residential homes on one of the sims the besides that visitors are welcome and encouraged. I think the pictures speak for themselves as examples of what can be found here but i would encourage visitors to walk around rather than fly so they dont miss any of the beautiful detail.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Zeppelin Bar

I've visited the Zeppelin Bar quite a few times now but never got round to blogging it before, which is strange since it is one of my favourite places in SL. The attention to detail and authenticity of this club and its surroundings are breathtaking. Wonderfully atmospheric, you feel like you stepped into a bygone, more glamorous and decadent era. It is on an adult sim and that is reflected in the furniture animations. Sex sims sure did come a long way in the last few years!! The cabaret style club is available to rent and also plays host to live music and events. Also check out its Facebook page to keep up to date and Flikr for some fantastic photography.