Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Making Memories


This is going to be my final blog post. I have lost interest lately and dont have as much time to spend exploring. There are lots of great sl travel blogs out there for everyone to enjoy and i will still post pics when i visit new sims here on my flikr.
So for my last post i would like to introduce you to my newly renovated and expanded land now named Making Memories. I made this place with friends, romance and photography in mind and i hope you enjoy. As before my house is mostly open to the public but theres also now a little hamlet on a hill, a church a beach, lots of wild countryside and woodland as well as the the original cafe and pond area. There are lots of opportunities for photo poses, landscape and wildlife shots, cuddle spots and intan couples dances and places for groups of friends to hangout. It isnt quite finished yet, im sure i will be constantly tweaking it but everyone is welcome to visit. And if you see me there be sure to say hi.
Thankyou all who have visited and, i hope, enjoyed this blog,

Love Claudia xxxx