Sunday, 26 January 2014

Piwnica pod Aniolami

RL where i live the weather is crazy wild today- wild winds and icy rain and ive been in and out of it all morning while at work. So i wanted somewhere the total opposite to spend my lunch break. Since i only have 2 hours and i cant jump on a plane the next best thing is SL. Piwnica pod Aniolami fits the bill perfectly. Now, whoever said size doesnt matter lied (probably a man i think :p) but as far as places to visit in SL go, small and perfectly formed can be as interesting and beautiful as any full sim and this gorgeous little town square and playground area is one of the best uses of very little land and prim i have seen. The kind of place you can just imagine yourself sitting in the shade during a warm summer afternoon with a glass of wine at the pavement cafe....ugh...back to reality and work for me now :(