Monday, 24 February 2014

Aspen Fell

Aspen Fell is a brand new sim which has been created by the man of the same name. I could describe the place to you but i think his own words put it perfectly; "I tried to touch on quite a few locations in one from Paris to the Hills of's open to all and is meant for those who wish to find peace or collect thoughts...its a night setting so estate time is preset when u arrive for full effect....going for that monochromatic feel...also you can tour the location by Rowboat as well at the bottom of the steps". The night windlight of the sim is very dramatic and i tried to stay true to it with a couple of my shots but with a photo opportunity at every twist and turn i couldnt resist playing with light a little too. The sim has its own Eiffel style tower, a beach area, beautiful woodland and a snow topped mountain amongst other things. There really is a lot to see here and my post doesnt do it justice so go check it out!