Monday, 17 February 2014

So Cal

I havent blogged anything this week partly because rl & sl have been so hectic and partly because i was geting a little bored of seeing the same places blogged over and over again so i thought i would wait until somewhere new caught my eye. Then i remembered a brand new sim i visited a couple of weeks ago but hadnt got round to taking more than one photo. So Cal sim is a commercial and residential area but it also has a lovely beach and pier, skateboard park, a club or live music venue and a gatcha yard sale where people can rent a table and sell on their unwanted gatcha items. As the name suggests it is all designed round a Southern Californian town theme and its really pretty with some great realistic details. Apart from the obvious shopping attraction this is also a great place for photography. Its still under construction at the minute but looking better every day and well worth a visit.